Hello and welcome to my website.

My name is keda pronounced (/kee’dah/‘), and is in world you can find me by my legacy name keda core. I was born and raised in Canada where I live and work as a single mom along with my 13 year old son.  I joined SecondLife  about ten years nine months ago to explore and get away from the stresses of RL.

I began my journey teaching myself Photoshop techniques and over the years have combined my love for shopping, dressing up and  taking pictures to editing those images.  It’s now my passion and favorite past time.  I have worked as a photographer in SecondLife for the past five years with a considerable amount of happy new and returning clients. I’ve never really knew much about promotions or selling myself.

However it’s  2017 and I’ve decided to give myself a shot at trying something new. Blogging! Keda’s Paradox is a collaborated collection of my style and fashion, my work , thoughts poems both exploiting the light and dark parts of my mentality. I hope my blog inspires you to become a new friend and or client!  Enjoy your visit and save my page to your favorites.

– keda