So torn inside
Not knowing what to say
Not knowing what to do
I struggle with my pride

What is wrong with me
Guilt I should not feel
But never the less it overwhelms
I know who I am
Yet she I cannot be
I feel imprisoned at times
I simply want to feel free

Cinderella, Snow White
I know I am not
But I yearn for the enchantment
The fairytale perhaps
To be a princess in One’s eyes
Just for a day, or even a night

I chose to take this place in life
Changes came, but I’m still the same
Deep inside of me she will always be
Lacking, longing
Must I feel this grief and strife

Still lost in a sense
Found once upon a time
My life has taken so many turns
Maybe I did this to myself
Chose this path I’m on
But I thought I had something
Now it seems to be gone
Every waking moment can be so tense

Perhaps one day it will all fall in place
Not taken for granted
Held dear for who and what I am
This old soul of mine will soar one day
Free she will be, far away from this earth
But for now the mask will stay delicate and chipped upon my face

2006 R.L.

( I did not wrotethis poem got from – )