You’re so Pretty…

By Shelby Lynn Jun 2010

Why so pretty, sad girl?
Your luscious locks gently wave
Your tears are all you gave…

Why so pretty, mean girl?
Your emerald eyes stop boys in their tracks
Your anger has stabbed oh so many backs…

Why so pretty, lonely girl?
Your handsome body attracts them all
Your bitter heart is your downfall…

Why so pretty, selfish girl?
Your silky tan draws attention
Your greed is all they mention…

Why so pretty, fake girl?
Your smile brightens the day
Your two faces follow the way…

Why so pretty, when your soul is hideous?
Why so pretty, when you’re so insidious?
Why so pretty, when it does you no benefit?
Why so pretty, when all you do is pout and sit?

My love, walk into the real world.
Show your “beauty” to the blind man.
See if he will take your hand…